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CleanMyMac powered by Moonlock Engine supports Objective-See

Katya Shevchenko

Oct 30, 20231 min read


Moonlock is proud to stand beside CleanMyMac X, a Gold sponsor of Objective-See, in furthering its altruistic mission to help Mac users stay safe. The partnership nurtures new talent that will boost cybersecurity tech development for macOS and the whole Apple ecosystem.

Coming together to protect macOS

Objective-See is a non-profit foundation that creates free and open-sourсe security tools for Mac computers. Recently, the foundation gathered cybersecurity researchers in Hawaii for the only conference in the world dedicated solely to macOS security, The Objective by the Sea. 

Experts, including the CleanMyMac X team, shared their knowledge about Mac-specific cyberthreats and the technology to tackle them. Despite the common belief that macOS is malware-free, Mac computers are increasingly under threat from cybercriminals. 

cleanmymac team with patrick wardle at obts conference
CleanMyMac X team with Patrick Wardle, the founder of The Objective-See Foundation, at the OBTS conference

Moonlock secures today, partnership shields the future

The battle against cyberthreats requires tools for everyday protection and policies for future development. To catch cybercriminals on the spot and mitigate risks immediately for Mac users, CleanMyMac X integrated Moonlock Engine into its Malware Module this year. Through the support of The Objective by the Sea, CleanMyMac X aims to provide the next generation of security researchers with resources to battle cyberthreats of the future.


Katya Shevchenko Katya Shevchenko
Katya is a copywriter that explains cybersecurity with Moonlock. Compares pirated macOS apps to cheap plastic surgeries to prove her point.