Fun cybersecurity training. Yes, really.

Cybersecuritoons teach you what to do (and what not to do!) to protect your world from cyberattacks.


Have you ever felt that every cybersecurity training is dull on purpose? Those video lessons about password security and phishing emails that everyone watches at work but hardly anyone truly understands. Cybersecuritoons is Moonlock’s pledge to teach you cybersecurity fundamentals in a fun and easy way.

Finally, an online cybersecurity course you can enjoy

We took the most relevant security recommendations, verified them with our in-house malware research team, and asked a professional animation studio to pack it all into cartoons.

Turns out, informative cybersecurity training doesn’t have to be long and boring. And you can actually want to watch it till the end!

Learn cybersecurity one cartoon at a time

Each Сybersecuritoon takes only 1 minute and 30 seconds, focusing on one topic without weird abbreviations and techie gobbledygook. Watch the online course over your morning coffee, show it to family and friends, and be sure to use the new knowledge for your own daily protection.

Episode 1: Passwords

Passwords are one of the cybersecurity fundamentals. Can you trust a third-party app to rule them all? Or is it safer to make a list in a Google Sheet?

Passwords make more sense when you treat them like keys to your property. Even Apple called its password manager Keychain. How to prevent breaking and entering into your accounts is the theme of our first episode.

Episode 2: Remote work

We love remote work! But cybercriminals love it, too. Without IT folks by our side, it’s harder to catch and fix security issues quickly. You’re left with annual cyber awareness training and your own common sense to safeguard your business from a breach.

The second episode of Cybersecuritoons is a straightforward list of do’s and don’ts when working from home. Together, they make up a foolproof strategy to protect your professional and personal life.

Episode 3: Phishing

The risk of getting hooked on a phishing scam follows you in emails, text messages, and even phone calls. Have you heard about smishing and vishing? They are just two out of the many forms of phishing that you might meet in the wild.

The third episode is essential for the introduction to cybersecurity. Here, we shed light on phishing scams that play on your emotions — and give you the tools to avoid them.

Episode 4: Malware

Cybersecurity courses teach you to be very careful online even if you have security apps installed on your computer. There’s too much malware in the world, and even the strongest tech doesn’t guarantee the absolute protection from ever-emerging threats.

Unfortunately, malware can still sneak onto your computer. Even if you’re not downloading, not clicking, not trusting. But when you know what types of malware exist, what they do, and how to shield yourself from them, you can finally relax and use your expensive tech to the fullest.

Master cybersecurity fundamentals with Cybersecuritoons

30% of Mac users say it’s hard to find a reliable source of cybersecurity information. This is why Moonlock made a free cybersecurity training that people could turn to at any time. We brought together our best cybersecurity minds and cinema-quality artists to make sure that everybody enjoys and learns from Cybersecuritoons.

A cybersecurity training approved by real researchers

Ethical hackers and malware researchers don’t make cartoons. But they can help cherry-pick genuine cybersecurity fundamentals out of the hubbub you hear around. While making Cybersecuritoons, we collected and verified all recommendations under the strict eye of Moonlock’s security experts. They checked our online cybersecurity training for accuracy and relevancy.

Fun animation that makes you want to learn cybersecurity

We packed our cybersecurity course into short cartoons designed by the Ukrainian animation studio Animagrad. Talk about short and sweet!

Animagrad is the biggest animation studio in Ukraine. Its “Mavka. The Forest Song” became Ukraine’s highest-grossing animation that topped both parts of “Frozen” in Ukrainian cinemas. And Elsa is as huge there as anywhere else in the world!

We hope you will use Cybersecuritoons to brush up on your own knowledge, share them with colleagues as a part of the IT cybersecurity training, or send them to those who are less tech-savvy.

Let’s make cybersecurity accessible to everyone, together.