How to uninstall McAfee from your Mac or iPhone: Header image
McAfee software offers simple cyber protection with an antivirus, firewall, password manager, web browsing protection, and more. Nevertheless, some users find themselves wanting to uninstall it. This might be to free up system...
Jun 21, 2024
11 min read
What is adware and how do you get rid of it? Header image
Online advertising is an inescapable reality of the digital age. That said, the average consumer prefers to keep ads to a minimum. Most of us don’t want to be bombarded by ads everywhere...
Apr 12, 2024
6 min read
What is spyware? Definition, types, and how to keep it off your Mac: Header image
Online privacy is on everyone’s mind these days. However, our modern digital world is making privacy much more of a challenge to achieve. The internet and shared networks open up untold vulnerabilities, and...
Mar 7, 2024
5 min read
What is a browser hijacker, and how do you remove it from a Mac? Header image
The threats just keep coming. It seems like every time you turn around, there is another type of cybersecurity danger to worry about. But fret not; we’ve got you covered. Just as the...
Mar 6, 2024
5 min read
What is trojan horse malware, and how harmful is it to your Mac? Header image
Malware is the buzzword of the day. We hear it in reference to many different types of online attacks, and almost everyone has at least some idea of what it is — and...
Feb 29, 2024
7 min read
What is malware? Definition, types, detection and prevention: Header image
Malware has become the bane of every technology lover’s existence. Not only is it annoying, but it is also very damaging and can lead to severe consequences. These days, anyone who uses a...
Feb 26, 2024
7 min read
Cryptojacking: What is it and how does it affect your Mac? Header image
In the world of cybercrime, the objective is usually financial gain. Cryptojacking is just one example of the many types of cyberattacks in which the perpetrator steals money while keeping the victim completely...
Feb 14, 2024
5 min read
Do you need an antivirus for iPhone? Here's our honest answer: Header image
The debate over whether iPhones need antivirus software is a heated one that has been going on for ages. It’s true that iPhones are explicitly built for privacy and security with an integrated...
Dec 18, 2023
5 min read
Can iPhones get viruses and other malware? Yes, here's how to stay safe: Header image
Remember the good old days when flip phones reigned supreme and the most high-tech mobile device was a Blackberry? In those simpler times, we didn’t have to worry about the dangers of carrying...
Sep 29, 2023
5 min read
What is a computer worm and why is it so dangerous? Header image
Imagine a malware so self-sufficient that it can clone itself, infect computers without interacting with the victim, and scan through online networks seeking out other devices to infect. It may sound like something...
Sep 25, 2023
8 min read