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MacPaw is a сhampion of 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Katya Shevchenko

Oct 15, 20233 min read

MacPaw logo next to a badge of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

Every October since 2003, the world has been celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Initiated by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the event aims to ensure every American has everything they need to be safe and secure online.

The Championship program is a way for organizations to officially show support for the initiative. The Champion status manifests their commitment to strengthening the cybersecurity practices of their communities.

Ways to champion Cybersecurity Awareness Month

MacPaw is proud to be one of the Champions on the 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year, all activities are united by a new recurring theme – Secure Our World. Together with other Champions, MacPaw and its teams are incorporating the theme into their October communication campaigns. And Moonlock is no exception.

Collaboration with Freelancers Union

Corporate employees are required to undergo cybersecurity training. Freelancers, on the other hand, are usually left to their own devices if they want to learn how to protect themselves online. As a partner of Freelancers Union, MacPaw contributes expertise and resources to the community with accessible apps and security best practices.

In addition to the active support of the union, MacPaw became a recurring author of cybersecurity content that might be helpful to freelancers. “Your Home Wi-Fi Network Can Be Hacked — Unless You Follow These Four Steps” is the first published piece of MacPaw’s cybersecurity series on the Freelancers Union blog. 

screenshot of the article by macpaw on freelancers union blog

What’s common between freelancers and corporate workers? Remote work. Businesses of all sizes face security risks, especially when their employees work from anywhere in the world. With teams scattered all over Europe because of the russian invasion of Ukraine, MacPaw knows how to protect its business operations, customer data, and employees from cyberthreats.

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Mykola Srebniuk, Head of Information Security at MacPaw, shared the company’s experience. On the pages of Entrepreneur, Mykola emphasized that all policies and high-end software might be useless if organizations don’t pay enough attention to the security hygiene of their employees.

About 60% of attacks succeed because employees make mistakes. It’s your duty to help your employees understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Mykola Srebniuk, Head of Information Security at MacPaw

Practical advice for MacPaw followers

With every fifth Mac on Earth having at least one MacPaw app installed, the team has close connections to Mac users. In social media, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts, there’s always time and space to have mutual conversations about cybersecurity. 

In October 2023, all MacPaw products are in sync for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, channeling practical security recommendations on all available platforms.

joint instagram post from macpaw moonlock on cybersecurity best practices

As the cybersecurity division of MacPaw, Moonlock publishes how-to’s, news, and stories about online security on a daily basis. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we decided to share real stories of real people who became victims of cybercrimes. In a couple of days, we recieved 12 responses to our open call. And while we couldn’t feature them all, we placed some extracts into an emotional piece about the struggles of hacked social media accounts. 

For a wealth of year-round content dedicated to educating humans about cybersecurity, visit Moonlock Blog and Moonlock Lab.

Katya Shevchenko Katya Shevchenko
Katya is a copywriter that explains cybersecurity with Moonlock. Compares pirated macOS apps to cheap plastic surgeries to prove her point.